Orthotics "Put feet first"

What is an Orthotic?

Orthotic devices are specialised shoe inserts which help to realign your foot and body posture. Orthotics help to offload stress and prevent injury.

  • Who needs Orthotics?

    Some people may need orthotics for problems caused by low or high arched feet, others may need assistance due to sports related injuries or more serious conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. Ultimately I, as your Chartered Physiotherapist, will decide whether or not you will need orthotics and this will largely depend on your symptoms. These symptoms may present in the feet themselves or on occasion further up the body.
  • How are Orthotics made?

    How orthotics are made depends on what type of orthotic I, your Chartered Physiotherapist has decided is best for you. Any orthotic prescribed for you will need a detailed assessment. This may include taking a 3D model of your foot using a plaster cast. Details obtained from your consultation are transferred onto a prescription form and sent to the orthotic manufacturer.
  • What are the special needs of people who engage in sport?

    If we combine the twisting, turning and ground impact forces in sport, along with abnormal foot function, it is not surprising sport is so strongly associated with injury. Orthotics can serve as a very useful tool in recovery or even as a preventative to sports injury. This is achieved through foot and lower limb realignment, shock absorption and promotion of muscle efficiency. I, your chartered physiotherapist will help to advise you on what orthotic best suits your individual sporting needs.
  • Can Orthotics help the elderly?

    Yes, orthotics can help to improve the quality of life in the elderly through off-loading painful pressure areas such as corns and hard skin but also relieving symptoms associated with foot alignment and painful joints.
  • Are orthotics suitable for Children?

    Orthotics may be helpful in children to help support the foot during development. I, your Chartered Physiotherapist will assess whether orthotic intervention is necessary.
  • What specific conditions may be helped?

    Symptoms such as: * Foot Pain * Arch and heel pain (Plantar fasciitis). * Leg and knee pain (shin splints). * Lower back pain. * Bunions or toe deformities. * Calluses or corns.
  • Why do I need an Orthotic?

    Think of your feet in a similar way to the foundation of your home. Everything above the foundation is dependent upon it and your feet are no different. If your foot is misaligned or there is increased stress and force placed upon them (due to sport, prolonged standing or walking or strength/ imbalance issues higher up in the body eg core weakness ) this in turn, increases the demands on your feet and can cause injury and wear and tear. Orthotics will help to rebalance any misalignment in your feet, off-load stressed areas and give better functional support to the structures above in whilst you carry out your prescribed exercise programme .
  • What now?

    To find out more call me and make an appointment. I will let you know if orthotics can help, and if I think they can I will prescribe the correct orthotic for you.