Jacqui, December 2015

Went to see Sonya with a very sore knee/hips/legs - expecting to be given advice on taking it easy and accepting approaching old age - nope - with Sonia's brilliant treatment I'm virtually pain free after just a couple of appointments and back to myself again. Fantastic job Sonya - thank you

Anne, November 2014

A huge thanks to Sonya yet again....I fell, had an xray, and mri, numerous hospital and doctor visits.... was told I had not broken my cocyx and just had bad bruising......went to Sonya 4 weeks after the event to see if I could get some kind of relief.....2 seconds with Sonya......not Cocyx but Sacrum (Back of Pelvis)....a subsequent mri revealed a fractured Sacrum......Thanks again Sonya. I am all better now :)

Angelina, November 2013

Sonya treated my back problems after the birth of my second child,and worked not only on the problem areas but had a fantastic wholistic approach. Only needed 3 sessions! Have had a couple of bad experiences again, a couple of years ago and could barely walk, but Sonya was there at the end of the phone at the end of the phone getting me mobile till i could get into physio clinic! The benefit of a professionally trained physio is that you do not need a lot of sessions to get better!!


Freddie, November 2013

Had been going to another physio for about 8 sessions, no change ... Decided to go to Sonya, on first visit could actually feel where she fixed it and just another couple of visits was fully sorted. Fantastic.


Mary, November 2013

Excellent physiotherapist.  Diagnosed my condition and referred me to Consultant for an operation. Am now happily on the road to recovery with the help of physio from Sonya.


Monica, June 2013

Thanks so much Sonya for fixing my hamstring, hugely improving my dodgy knees and easing my sore back - and that was just in the last week!! No doubt I'll be back with further ailments :)


Shane, April 2013

Getting ready to have this dynamic tape.... Sonya Curran talking me through. Should make a positive difference for my ongoing battle with shin splints thanks Sonya


Elizabeth, April 2013

Excellent treatment, Sonya sorted out my right shoulder first time I visited Physioworks Moycullen, and now I am back with a pulled muscle in my neck, we are almost well and truly there in getting that sorted out also, going in for my visit this evening and I should be completly sorted after that, well done Sonya, the relief is just fantastic, you sort my out good and proper each time. I would recommend Physioworks Moycullen to anyone, thank you Sonya and every success with your website also.


Anne, March 2013

A Great Physio.


Rebecca, Jan 2010

Hi Sonya, All the skiing tips you gave me came in handy. You were right really loved skiing, many thanks.

Andy, Aug 2003

Dear Sonya, last November i came to you with an ankle injury and an idea in my head that I would give up playing football.

You diagnosed my problem as being flat feet! After a couple of months of treatment, the purchase of my orthotics and more than a few hours on a wobble board, I am now starting a new football season with no ankle pain.

More than anything I want to thank you for the diagnosis, having suffered years of “band aid” physio from people who didn't realise that attached to an ankle is a foot!!!

I am now working in England for a while but hope to return to ireland soon, so maybe XXXXXX (local Football Club) will benefit from my physio too.

Thanks again.

Andy, Jan 2003

Sonya, Thanks for the diagnosis, treatment and encouragement to use a wobble board! I am now fit as a fiddle (well almost) and back on the pitch.